Sunday, June 15, 2008

RIP, Wilson

At about 7pm last Friday, my smaller rat, Wilson succumbed to a respiratory infection. We have been very sad around The Slog Compound, and unable to come up with anything to to say about it.

He was less than 2 years old, and an energetic and lovable guy. Smart as a whip and adorable enough to win the heart of even the staunchest rat-phobic person.

I miss you buddy. I promise to give plenty of love to your brother, Dante.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bullet points for those suffering from Slog withdrawal

If anyone thought I drank too many margaritas and slipped into a combo alcoholic/diabetic coma, fear no more.

As usual, when my life is interesting, I fail to blog about it. For all three of my regular readers, and for those of you here for mild entertainment while you search for any of the following:
  • ryan dempster is a prankster
  • red gold and green karma meaning
  • examples of search logs for unemployment
  • prostate exam physical (!)
  • goonies dick jokes
  • swastikas for myspace(!!)
  • gilda radner isn't supposed to end opus
  • citizen kane antisemitism (heh)
  • completism ocd
  • pronunciation of saparmurat niyazov (your guess is as good as mine, folks)
I truly apologize.

I promise to have a long, time-consuming, footnote-laden entry about any of a number of topics, possibly including, but not limited to:

  • My rat's upper respiratory condition
  • My girlfriend's recent obsession with Bloody Marys
  • My girlfriend's (and my) recent obsession with Peggle
  • My current ridiculous financial woes (See first bullet point)
  • Adam Ant (tentative...lets see how many hits I can get from Serbia or Belize without it)
  • My birthday, and how underwhelming it was (nobody's fault but mine. And my job's. And, to a lesser extent my dog's)
  • Avenue Q, and how overwhelming it was (god, I love that show)
  • The Goonies The Golden Girls
  • The deferral of my debut as "Hamlet" for a few months
  • My unholy mancrush on Geovany Soto
  • My catalog of failed comic book premises

So stay tuned, Slogophiles! And for those of you looking for the Adam Ant picture, it's here.